The Artist

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.” – Leonardo da Vinci

To learn a craft, and to develop that craft, is one of physical discipline and learning. There is not a lot imagination in developing one’s craft.  It is learning the tools of the trade.  But to take that craft, and transform it to an art form, is a spiritual exercise that melds the heart and the mind with the hand.  Herein lies the truth of da Vinci’s quote.

For 30 years I have, in one form or another, pursued my artwork.  I focused primarily on birds because of the miracle they possess in flight.  Over time, I have created more ducks than anything because of my fascination with those wonderful birds!

Early on, I honed my skill in the craft and won a number of awards in the process.  Now, as the marks of life have left their imprint on my soul, it is the spirit that moves my art to new places.  Whether it is through the love of my wife and children, what I have seen because of my love for the outdoors, or from the living of life, all of it is carved into my soul and has transformed me into a seasoned artist.

When I create a work for you, I not only offer my hands in producing the highest quality craft, I offer my spirit to bring to life a true, expressive work of art. I welcome your conversation on commissioning me to create an art piece, or on items that I have for sale. Contact me at I also encourage you to visit my website often as I share my art with you!

Kerry Smith
Painting the Great Horned Owl