The Artistry of Kerry Smith

4 thoughts on “The Artistry of Kerry Smith

  • Kevin Heifner

    Dude… I wish you would post a pic of everything you have ever carved her so I could go straight here to show people your work in one place. You my friend are a capital A artist with a real gift from the Good Lord…plus a lot of hard “Kerry” work. Keep blessing us with the work of your hands and heart. Kevin Heifner

  • Pam Hunter Demosey

    Kerry, I had a FB memory today that included a link to your webpage. I’ve had you and your family on my mind recently, so I thought I’d stop by and leave a comment. Take good care!

    • Hey Pam, thanks for the note. I hope you are well. We are doing good with the exception of my back issues that still continue. You take care as well and thanks once again!

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