Limited production bronze sculpture.

In my own struggle to find relief from chronic pain, after three back surgeries with no relief, I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted and it has really helped. One night when I couldn’t get any relief from pain and couldn’t sleep, I got up and created this piece out of clay.


Given how those who suffer with chronic pain try to reach and stretch out of the shear craziness of pain, the dove, the bird of peace, in my art piece titled Release!, is attempting to pull out of the messiness and ugliness of pain and fly away.  Thus, as the title suggests, the desire to have a release from pain.

It is produced in conjunction with a local foundry and there are a limited number of signed pieces in production for anyone wishing to purchase one. It is made out of bronze and mounted on a redwood burl base. Looking at the piece closely, one will notice my finger prints captured in the bronzing process.  Email me for a price quote at


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  1. Like Jacob, you have struggled through the pain to the peace. Thank you for sharing your personal Peniel through this beautifully sculpted bird.

    ♪ ♫ O Joy that seekest me through pain, ♫ ♪ I cannot close my heart to thee; ♪ ♫ I trace the rainbow through the rain, ♫ ♪ And feel the promise is not vain, ♪ ♫ That morn shall tearless be. ♫ ♪ ~Matheson/Peace

    1. Thank you Cathy Brown!! You too can speak of this impossible “sitcheation”, trapped in this human body like Everett, Pete, and Delmar from the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou, where more than once “Evert” proclaims, after being hemmed in by the law, “Damn, were in a tight spot!” I say to you at 2:30AM, wrestling with this human condition yet again today, Cathy, we’re perdy near in a tight spot! I know, it is a dangerous thing, finding impetus for living from three convicts, but at least it is worth a good laugh.

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