Embracing the Journey

Embracing the Journey
Embracing the Journey

This sculpture is based on a person named Kemmons Wilson Sr., the father of the family that gave a gift for the creation of a Hospice House. The little girl is sculpted after a great granddaughter that Kemmons never saw, Wilson Young, and with pictures of other Wilson children and grandchildren.  The dog is crafted from a little poodle that the Wilson family owned years ago named Pudd’n.

Embracing the Journey was created to convey a message to the residents and families at the Hospice House that at life’s end, God sits us on His lap and says, “Welcome!”  Often art speaks a language far deeper than words and it is here, where the emotion of death stirs in the depth of our own souls, that I wanted to communicate the embracing love of God without saying a word.

The bronze fountain sculpture is located at the Baptist Trinity Hospice House and Kemmons Wilson Center for Good Grief.

Baptist Trinity Hospice House

Embracing the Journey
Embracing the Journey prior to completion
Kerry Smith
Creation of Embracing the Journey

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  1. Kerry,

    I was thinking of you this month with your Birhtday approaching soon… so I thought I would take a look at your website to see what you are up to. I remember our chat last year about the honor you felt in being entrusted with the body of work of the Kemmons family including puddin the poodle! I am in awe at the beauty that you have created. Your embracing the Journey piece is beautiful. We are so blessed to share you your talent and gifts.

    Michelle Revello

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