Bronze Hawk on a Cross

Redtail Hawk on a Cross
Redtail Hawk on a Cross

Located on the grounds of Second Baptist Church of Memphis, TN is a Labrynth, a prayer garden as such.  Inside of the Labrynth, on the left side, is a bronze red tailed hawk on a cross.  It, along with the Labrynth, is dedicated to Spence and Becky Wilson.  Their gifts of love and support for not only Second Baptist Church but also for the community which is Memphis, Tennessee and out into the world, is a reminder of their dedication to the one who died on the cross.

For a season, we enjoyed a pair of Redtail Hawks at Second Baptist Church, often perching from the cross steeple, watching over the grounds of “the Grove”.  That image is what caused me to create the Bronze Redtail Hawk on the cross.

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    1. This was the first bronze that I ever did. There is a foundry located close to where we live and they were so helpful. I enjoy doing bronzes and when asked I will do them. But I really enjoy pieces that I start from scratch on and carve and burn and paint. I will tell Karen hello for you. Take care! Kerry

  1. Kerry, Mom (who goes to East Acres Baptist Church) showed me your website today. I have been looking over some of your artwork — VERY nice work you do. I wish you would send me a Facebook friend request. I am now dealing with medicine pain management now myself. And if you would like, I can share with you some of the carvings and artwork I have done over the years.

    Thank you for your sermon at East Acres Baptist!

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