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    1. Holy Cow DJ!!!! It is so very good to hear from you! All these years later and Karen and I still think about you all and have such good feelings and memories of you and Jean and your family. Our son Jonathan is head coach of the Halls Mens Basketball team. It has been quite a deal for him as the coach he followed had a few issues that Jonathan is having to clean up. You all will have to go to a game and see him and introduce yourselves. He is 6-6 and hard to miss. Our daughter Allie works for the East Tennessee Childrens Hospital in the pharmaceutical department. She is 24 years old now. Jonathan is 27. Karen is the Campus Minister at the Baptist College of Health Sciences here in Memphis and I, after 25 neurological surgeries and procedures, am disabled. It just drives me nuts DJ. My mind works great, but churches view me in a different light as I am working to someday get off of disability. I carve now as I can. I can only do about 2 hours of carving a day due to my latest surgery on my ulnar nerve but at least it is something. I have to view my life as half full and at least I have carving. I am not sure what you paid for your duck but I am working on a pair of mallards now that I was commissioned to do for $10,000. My highest price work of art was a redtailed hawk for $25,000. It is all now slowed but as I said earlier, I am working to turn lemons into lemonade! Gosh it is great to hear from you. When we are at a Halls game, which traveling is tough for me and not sure when we will be back, we will get in touch with you guys. What is your cell number? Mine is 901-237-3609. You take care my friend! Kerry

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