Unfinished Decoys
Unfinished Decoys

I love em! There is something that has always attracted me to this art form. It has it’s roots hundreds of years ago from Native Americans where straw decoys were found in a cave. The art form is linked to duck hunting where the better the decoy, the better the success.

Decoy - Catalogue
Decoy – Catalogue

Decoys are not just used in hunting. Our society is filled with them. People who attract us using their wealth. People who speak eloquently. People who lure us to them from their vast knowledge. People who are outwardly beautiful by using a particular product. And we are told that if we do certain things or look a certain way, then we can be what those people are. We are being “decoyed” into accepting a certain lifestyle.

The first time anyone ever used the word Christian was a few years after Christ had died. Society saw something in the followers and the word was attached to those people. There was something that was attractive to the followers of Christ and their numbers increased. They were, in a very real sense, a decoy. What does it mean today though? Does anything we do resemble anything of the person of Jesus? Some of anything? A little?

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    1. Thank you Carmen! Sometimes my half baked mind ponders the unobvious. Is unobvious a word? Less obvious? I think there is also some aspect of drawing people to the person of Jesus through our own lifestyle, reflecting something bigger than who we would ordinarily be or what. I think our definitions or what we create is left upon each generation of who that Jesus really is or isn’t. So whilst there is a “decoying” effect there is always the what factor of this “decoying”. And frankly, a whole lot of it, in our world, I’m not necessarily fond of.

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