Will They Work Again?

Pintail Drake
Carved Pintail Drake


Pintail Drake
Speculum close up of the Pintail Drake

Pintail Drake - Expression PagePintail Drake – Finished

My hands. The ones that did this work. They don’t work like they once did. And I grieve. The hand strength and torque to do this kind of work places a lot of stress on my hands and the pain becomes enormous. I am disconnected. Da Vinci said “where there is no spirit, the hands can do no art!” For me, where there are no hands, the spirit can do no art. And I grieve.

You have seen some of the art I have done recently. It is not as intricate or as detailed as this beautiful drake pintail that is featured above. The carpal tunnel release surgery that was done a couple of years ago failed and they want to redo it. My neck continues to give me difficulties and there should be more work there according to my latest doctor. And I grieve.

Here is what I know: I am choosing to live out Chronic Pain Disease here and out front because so little research is being done on this medical dilemma. Over 100 million people are suffering with chronic pain. They hurt for no known reason and their lives are being stolen. And they grieve. We grieve.

The message, since I am a person of faith, is this: no matter our struggle in life, God walks with me, us. No juicy feel good mushy message. Simply this; where can we go that God is not with us. And thou I grieve and hope that the medical profession decides to wake up and that the church will see us for who we are, I understand that the purposes of God are far greater than simply what my hands can do. And for that reason and hope, I can do this!

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  1. Beautiful! I think that there are lessons in everything we encounter and our relationship with God helps define them for us; not immediately but over time.

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