Just a huge task!

Bald Eagle Block
Bald Eagle Block

The complexity of dealing with Chronic Pain Disease is as daunting as trying to pull an eagle out of this block of wood! I know it’s in there. I do. But I swear, it is just an enormous task with hands that don’t work like they once did and a back and neck that I still struggle with. Yet inside that block I know there is an eagle.

I have often said that Chronic Pain is a thief. It steals the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our person. And the great struggle is still to be. To live. Because one of the great exercises is to find tools that can carve out, carve through the pain, and release our person.

The most important tool I have in my whole shop is the knife in the picture above. It conforms to my hand and everything I have ever carved has been touched by that knife. If my shop ever burned down, this is the one tool I would attempt to salvage. To me, it is the one tool that releases the birds trapped inside of the block.

Do you know what the greatest tool is that can be used to carve out the person of Kerry Smith? Love! Unconditional, wrapped up, God like, squeeze my neck, walk with me in this stuff, Love. The same kind of love that Karen Castle Smith and Allie Smith and Jonathan Smith and close friends show!

The only way healing can ever happen to anyone, where change can happen, is to love. Never ending, tough hanging, neck hugging, walking closely, believing I am more than my pain, love.

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  1. This is beautiful. Yes, it is a thief!!!! Totally transforms a person in so many ways. True strength seeps out from the crevices of pain when one decides to back off on a pill or a medication……sometimes the medication can be even more debilitating. I have found this with my husband. Once being more present is established, then laughter or emotion can come back into play again. Kerry, you are an inspiration and Gos is using you!!!

    1. Thank you Meg! I think that the people that love us are the real inspiration! Those of us who suffer need badly to have someone that loves us unconditionally. Without people like you and Karen, we who suffer would truly be lost!

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