Maple block

In the days ahead. I will be working on a yellowfin tuna. Half of it will be painted like a the colorful fish that it is and the other half will be left with the natural grain of the wooden block. The type of wood is what is known as fiddleback or tiger stripe maple burlwood.

Burlwood is what happens to a tree when it becomes diseased. And in the disease, the tree responds and creates beautiful colors and depth in the wood. The picture below is the corner of the Maple burlwood block I am using.
Burl stripes

Burlwood is probably some of the most beautiful wood that is in existence. Yet it only exists because of suffering and disease. I think it is interesting how suffering is linked to beauty in all of creation, even in the dynamics of our relationship with God.

Without suffering and pain, there can be no true beauty, no depth of being, no focus of purpose.

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    1. Hi Brenda! It was so good to see you! Please enjoy my sight. From time to time I journal about the pain I am living with on a daily basis. Take care!

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