Unending Mountain!


It is a mountain far taller than any I have climbed, angling more skyward at every turn. The moment I believe to have found a level footing, I am surprised by what I face next. The journey is perplexing. Few will go while bearing meaning to its ferocity. And what is it I have conquered after scaling the rock facing? Do I have to have a reward for doing that which is the trek of the inner most being? Ask me when it is over.

Perhaps my desire to scale a yonder outcropping is related to this damnedable fortress I attempt to assuade. And it ain’t over yet by golly! For the conquering of this confounded pain has left me with fewer picks to drive in it’s face, climbers shoes that are worn from the ware, climbers clasps that won’t fit in it’s crevace, fingers and hands exhausted from holding on. But I have no option but to climb. And neither do you.

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  1. Very articulate Kerry. It really seems to capture your daily struggle. I know that you speak for so many people!

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