Me, Woody, and My God Forsaken Battle with Pain

Beaver Pond Woody

The clock is ticking and I am running towards the finish line with my art project titled, “Beaver Pond Woody”. Every day I get closer, though it may not look like it right now. Each step takes me to a really beautiful art piece that I will donate for a great cause. But make no mistake about it, it will always be inexorably linked to my battle with pain, and a battle it is!

I have found that pain is like an immense fire that is attempting to consume me. It is fueled not only by my genetic predisposition but by what I have learned in dealing with stress and the living of these earthly days. And every day, every hour, I am having to relearn the living of these days. Thoughts, feelings, beliefs, all are shaken as my body, mind, and soul have been placed under the microscope of pain, and I am tired. But there is no time to stop and wallow in my own stuff because this is the path my life has been placed upon. The microscope shows all kinds of stuff.

It shows thoughts, patterns, emotions, past, all sitting there, contaminating and tainting the cells of health and love and hope. And it shows the invasion that it all has had to contribute to this place where doctors interpret the self I am as in need of just one more surgery to fix whatever it is that ails me. Oh don’t get me wrong; the pictures show a lot that needs afixin’. But the err of the medical community is on the side of trying to fix what they see rather than believing in the miracle of a mind and soul to heal the pain.

So I work. I am attempting to put together the pieces that will result in something special. And so to for Woody!

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