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The greek word Anastasis from which we derive the English word “resurrection” is really interesting. I am not alone in appreciating this word especially if you have lost a loved one too early or have a debilitating issue and even this day that the Lord has made has been made because of one who re-stood, relived, and revived. The word literally means to stand up again. Oh how I love that term especially knowing where my legs are going now!

Paul talked about believers who would literally stand again by the power of the resurrection if they believed in the “standing up” Christ, post death, pulled down from two sticks, transferred to a stone tomb, the two ton stone rolled away, re-standing next to God and us too someday! That’s us believers, but somehow, we who have been re-stood up keep going and sitting down again. That is not what we are supposed to do if somehow we believe in the re-stood up Christ who lives right now, in the living spirit of a God who expands our existence and the universe every second, minute, hour, day, month, and year.

I battle with my own existence. I get caught up in a time that was, where I stood up because at times now, the prospect of literally re-standing after even sitting down hurts like you wouldn’t believe. The faith that we hold on to tells us however that one day, we will again stand, risen, new legs and the whole bit.

Sometimes movies tell the story of our Christian faith in ways that we have to use our minds to dig in to. So the movie “Avatar” depicts a guy who is a parapalegic who cannot stand and through the use of a fictional being, gets new legs; gets to run, dig his toes in the cool moist dirt, and look up into the sun and laugh. He gets re-stood on new legs.

We are literally re-stood in this life because of our belief, asked to go forward, with new legs, not backwards, with whatever in the heck we have that may or may not work. Forward. Re-stood. Misunderstood at times because the love we are asked to carry and walk with. Mind, fractured body; faith, yet again, found not in whatever we don’t have but in someone who lived and died and stood again who asks us to do the same. It is the day the Lord has made, rejoicing most of all because, on this day, he and we will be restood, raised again, out of the tomb and ground, and even poured into the mason jar for pete’s sake!


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